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has dominated the operating system market since it introduced MS-DOS in the mid-1980’s. There are other operating systems besides Windows, but the average user would not even know this since Windows has such a stronghold with the OS market. With this said, Microsoft bundles software into Windows, sometimes unwanted software, but in most cases useful, task orientated software to make you a more productive employee.

Odds are when you surf the web, you use Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater. To see what version of Internet Explorer (IE) you have installed on your computer, on the menu bar select “Help”, then select “About”. A popup window will appear that references a version.

There are many keyboard shortcuts that can be applied in IE that will help speed up your day-to-day tasks. For example, press the “F11” key on your keyboard. To undo what you just did, press “F11” again. This is a simple way to temporarily switch to full screen view. Listed below are a few other quick Internet Explorer tips and tricks. A few may even work with Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

  1. Do you occasionally

What Is Internet Security

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If you have always thought internet security is not your cup of tea – think again. You are under threat if you are connected with internet in any possible way! Your email can be hacked; a hacker can gain access to your computer and use it for illegal activities or can hack into your e-commerce website and steal invaluable information and so on.

All sorts of threats

A virus is not the only threat that one faces while surfing on the internet; it is just one of the several types of malware out there. Here is a quick look at what ails internet users:

  1. Hackers: Hackers from all parts of the globe access websites belonging to corporations, organizations, banks and even Non Government Organizations illegally to serve ulterior motives. They tend to steal classified information, credit card numbers and other data to make illegal profits. Hackers happen to remain in news courtesy hacking popular websites, deface them or steal consumer data.
  2. Malware: Malware is a collective name given to computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and worms etc. All such software programs disrupt operating systems, steal

Virus Prevention Software Tips

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Hey everyone I would like to thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about virus prevention and the importance of updating software, particularly with RadarSync. If you value your privacy and want prevent virus infestation I am sure this article will help you out.

Most people are familiar with the idea that in order to keep your computer safe from malware it is vitally important to keep antivirus software installed on it. By no means does this article say that doing that isn’t helpful, but a most of us don’t consider that there are backdoors to our computers that these antivirus programs miss. Flaws outdated software is exactly what the writers of malware look for when they try to infiltrate computers.

They use programs like Firefox, Adobe, or really any type of third party software you may have installed on your computer. I, like most people, rarely take the time to update all my programs and when prompted I would hit the “remind me later” option. However to truly be safe you have to constantly keep all your programs as up

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Computer s Performance

You can tweak almost every component of your PC to make its performance optimal. You only have to look for computer tips and tricks. You can tweak its hardware to make it work faster and more efficient than it usually does and its software to make all applications that are installed on your computer run perfectly with as efficient resources as possible. This article features some tips and tricks that guide you to weak or to tune up your PC’s hardware and software.

Tweaking Your Computer’s Hardware

There are a number of hardware components of your PC that you can tune up in order to improve its performance. Because the most essential part of your computer is its processor, you can start by tweaking it. Overclock is the most familiar term that PC users usually use to refer to CPU tune-up process. There are two easy ways to tweak your computer’s CPU. If your computer is manufactured within the last four years, you can easily overclock your PC’s CPU by modifying its BIOS or UEFI BIOS setup. When you access your computer’s BIOS, you should try to locate CPU Operating Speed, FSB Clock and PCI Clock

Comparison Shopping Software

Find the best buy computer software with a comparison shopping software program that compares prices, using CNet, PriceWatch, Walmart, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, MSN, PriceScan, Excite and many other shopping sites.

This means competitive prices and more search results than other price comparison software applications. This software does the comparison from your PC, bringing all the top stores’ product information to you.

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5 Tips for Using a Public PC

There’s a guy in New York who may have got into your personal business. If he did, he probably looted your online bank account.

Juju Jiang is serving time now after pleading guilty. But for a couple years, he bugged public computers with software that logged keystrokes. He used it to capture usernames and passwords. Some he used to steal money; others he sold on the web.

He got caught when he manipulated a victim’s home computer while she was present. She watched incredulously as he methodically searched her computer. He was using GoToMyPC, which allows travellers to manipulate their computers from afar. The victim had used GoToMyPC previously from a public machine. Jiang stole her username and password.

Spying software can easily be placed on public computers, such as those in Internet cafés, airports, libraries and other public places.

With spying software, a criminal can grab your passwords and usernames. Ultimately, you could lose your money or have your identity stolen. That should tell you enough to be wary of public PC terminals.

Software is Unobtrusive

Spies usually use software because it is invisible to the untutored eye. Hardware to

Safe Internet Browsing

The Internet is a powerful medium that allows millions of users to chat, play games, download music, gather important information, and perform other various activities. All this has made the Internet an indispensable part of our daily lives. Although the Internet is useful, it also puts our personal and confidential information at substantial risk.

Using the Internet unwisely may make your system vulnerable to malware infections and an easy target for hackers. In this article, we will present some common Internet security tips that you can follow to safeguard your PC from Internet threats.

Do Not Open Attachments from Unsolicited Emails

Attachments that come with unsolicited emails can contain malicious programs, such as viruses, malware, and worms. These malicious programs often cause severe damage to your system. Therefore, it is best that you immediately delete any unsolicited emails you receive. You must also scan the attachments that you receive from known sources before opening them. It is recommended that you install antispam software that can automatically scan and prevent infected emails from appearing in your email program’s inbox.

Do Not Use Peer-to-Peer Networks

Avoid using peer-to-peer networks because they are common carriers of

6 Steps to Spyware Removal

In my my city Port Saint Lucie and all over the great state of Florida, say the words Spyware, Adware, or malware and Business owners, along with any technically average Windows PC user will shudder in horror. That’s because these programs not only are incredibly stubborn when you’re trying to remove them, but they often change administrator or security settings on your computer, Workstation, or Server, such as what sites you allow trust or the settings in your HOST files. Spyware or adware, a malicious program that can add, change or remove values in the Windows registry allowing the program to fully install on the opening of Internet Explorer or Firefox, or on the next reboot of your computer repair, even after deleted if not removed completely.

Today’s spyware is more common than a virus for the average Windows user surfing the internet. Spyware has hundreds of successful ways to disable or infect your computer via all the common exploits or software bugs, like errors within the Windows operating system allowing spyware the use of your CPU cycles, to spam others, and to solicit your desktop to show you pop ups for everything from pornography to other

10 Tips to Make Your Computer Run Smoother

So, you’ve been enjoying your new computer the last few months, and as time has passed by it has been getting slower and slower. It’s finally to the point that it’s almost unusable, and is driving you nuts when you do use it for recreation or to do work. So what do you do? Pick it up, throw it away, and buy a new one? Nope. The correct answer is to call tech support or search the Internet and see if you can find out what is wrong with your computer and fix it. Sometimes you will need to buy a new computer, especially if your current one is like ten years old. But if you’ve only had it a few months to a few years, then most likely you just need to do some basic cleanup and updating of the software you have on your computer. Before you start to panic or rush out to buy a new computer, you should try the tips I have here for you to see if they will get your computer up and running like new again.

  1. Update Software

I know some of you reading this might already know

Computer Viruses & Spyware

Chances are you’ve been infected by a computer virus or spyware at some stage in your computing life. Its not fun, things load slowly, your information could be sent to a stranger, or your computer might not run at all. Viruses can be very advanced and most basic computer owners can’t grasp their concept, this guide will run through the very basics of how to protect yourself from getting infected and covers the must have FREE Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs.

A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without the permission or knowledge of the user. Also referred to as a ‘virus’. These viruses can steal information, ruin your computer and send itself to your friends. In order to replicate itself, a virus must be allowed to execute, many viruses attach themselves to executable files that may be part of legitimate programs. If a user tries to start an infected program, the virus’ code may be executed.

Spyware is computer software that is installed on a personal computer to intercept or take control over the computer, without the user’s consent. The functions of spyware include monitoring, collecting various types

Why Is My Computer Internet Slow

Usually slow computer problems and slow internet problems go hand in hand. A variety of factors can impact both issues and there is no one fix that can make the issue go away. The good news is that the problems can be resolved rather quickly if certain steps are taken.

Obviously, if you have dial-up service or free services where the servers are weighed down, you are more likely to experience computer internet slow downs. These problems can sometimes go away by simply upgrading the services you have.

If you choose to keep the costs lower than what the high speed investment is, you will likely have a tough time getting your internet much faster. Still, some of the steps below may help.

Step One: Download and Run a Top Registry Repair and Cleaner Software. This will rid of Internet Explorer plug ins that are not vital and will create a better efficiency in the Windows registry (file structure for the operating system) which will speed up your computer.

You can do a free download and scan initially to ensure that registry errors are found before investing in the repair option.

Internet Marketing Tips

Everybody is looking for that magic button in their lives. Think I’m kidding? Well, read on and you’ll find out just how true that is. In the meantime, maybe it’s time you thought about selling them the button. Think it’s just a myth? Think it doesn’t exist? Think again. There are more buttons than you can possibly imagine.

Here’s a great example of a button. You’re hungry. You really don’t want to go through the hassle of turning on the stove and dumping some rice in one pot, spinach in another, and tossing a piece of chicken on a frying pan. That is WAY too much work, especially after you’ve been out slaving at your job all day. I mean really! Who wants to do all THAT?

The microwave oven and TV dinner to the rescue. Yes sir. At the touch of a button and the tear of some plastic, you can pop your TV dinner in the old microwave and have a whole meal in about 5 minutes depending on how much stuff is in the box. No fuss, no muss. There are days I want to KISS the person who invented these

Top 10 Website and Internet Marketing Tips for Gift Basket Businesses

If you own a gift basket business, want to start one or add one to an existing related business, consider taking your products and gift basket business online. You’ll need to plan ahead and know how you’re going to market it first. Anyone can set up a website but no one will know it’s there until you drive traffic to it. So you’ll need to learn a few Internet marketing tips, tricks and techniques. I’ve outlined some of my most important gift basket business tips in the following list:

1. Learn copywriting tricks to help you write your website pages. Write like you talk, use contractions, short sentences, and learn the rules for title capitalization. Articles (like ‘a’, ‘an’, etc.) and connector words are not capitalized unless they’re the first word in a sentence. Prepositions are not capitalized if they have four letters or less. Check on the Internet and keep a stylebook or grammar book handy.

2. Choose the easiest website builder available. Text (WYSIWYG -‘what you see is what you get’) editor or html editor? A text editor for website building is best. You don’t need to use an html editor like

Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

Are you aware of what is going on, on your computer when you are not there? It is important that we protect our children and teens when they are online. Installing software for parental controls for surfing the internet is a good tool, but there is other things as well you need to do to protect your child. There have been a lot of surveys done on this subject; one that I saw had these numbers.

93% of the parents say that they have established rules for their child`s internet use.

37% of students, in grade 5 – 12, reports being given no rules from their parents using the internet.

41% do not share with their parents where they go online or what they do.

26% of the student said that their parents would be concerned if they knew what they were doing online.

How can you protect your child online? Here are some internet safety tips for kids and teens.

1. Be involved – no software in the world can take your place. Be involved in your child’s internet activities. Let her/him show you what sites they visit.

Computer Internet Security

Many people get freaked out when you mention the phrase “computer internet security”. They immediately jump to the conclusion that it can only be done by someone well-versed in computer knowledge or you have to spend big money on computer Internet security software. This fear is totally unfounded and in fact there are many simple, common sense things that anyone, with even a small understanding of computers, can do to help maintain their computer Internet security.

1. Use well crafted passwords. Never use your own name, birthday, street address or other personal information as a password. Anyone who knows you or has access even to general information about you can easily figure these out. There are even tools used by professional computer hackers that will crack dictionary-generated passwords. The best password usually consists of at least eight characters, a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols all randomly selected. Although these kinds of passwords are difficult for you to remember, they are far more difficult for the hacker to crack as well. One way for you to remember these unique passwords is to create an acronym using each of the numbers,

Vital Internet Safety Tips for Protecting Yourself and Your Computer

The internet is a massive store of information. The amount of information being added each day is also huge. Anybody can add and delete information. By and large, the net space remains unmonitored, because it is simply impossible to keep a watch over each new website, file, directory or link that is added. In this scenario, anti-social elements often act maliciously, adding information that contains deadly viruses, or infecting links and even entire websites with viruses, malware, spyware, and other such devastating material. Such material can damage your computer in a variety of ways, such as deletion of entire folders, corruption of files, or crashing of the hard disk. Further, spyware and malware can access your personal information, and cause havoc with your bank accounts as well as your online identity as a whole. Apart from this, criminal minded people can lure you to give out your personal details online, leading to huge problems for you later on. Given such scary consequences, it is essential that you seek some internet safety tips from reliable sources, before you proceed with using the internet.

One of the best internet safety tips is the advice to put

6 Tips to Help Select the Right Solution

There are so many computer antivirus software products available today that sometimes it is hard to know where to start. The goal with this article is to provide you with a framework to judge whether a computer antivirus software will be good for you.

(1) Effective detection of viruses- obvious point but you need to fell confident that your software will catch a vast majority of the virus threats including worms and Trojans. Visit online websites like PC World or CNet for trusted reviews.

(2) Value for money – a lot of the software vendors offer internet security suites which offer the anti virus software with other security tools including firewall software and spam filters. Typically these all-in-one packages offer better value for money than buying a standalone anti virus software. At a minimum it is important to consider buying a package which includes a decent firewall which monitors both incoming and outgoing internet traffic in your computer. The standard Windows XP firewall only monitors incoming traffic.

(3) Virus Definition update – the best computer antivirus software offers automatic updates which ensure the best protection for your computer. New virus threats emerge almost daily

Some Basic Internet Security Tips

Internet security is a hot topic of discussion these days. Individuals as well as corporate houses are paying too much attention on internet security. Since internet facilitates the exchange of information, it is prone to data theft or misuse. In today’s business scenario, internet plays a highly crucial role and we cannot imagine to work without the internet.

Since the internet dependency has reached to all new heights in last few years, the demand for internet security products has also increased considerably. A fragile internet security may not only damage your operations but also may put a question mark on your credibility. If you do not have a full proof plan in place then your network is exposed to the liability risks, security problems and other distractions. Thus, it is required that you come out with a robust and intrinsic security system. The following are some of the basic internet security tips that will help to protect your data and information.

Firstly, you need to devise a good security plan. You need to learn about the various kinds of malware and the potential damage that they can do to your computers. Secondly, Antivirus software are

When to Use a Computer Monitoring Software Review

The internet is a powerful tool and it is available in so many households today and increasing throughout the world. It is power at your finger tips. Online, you are able to catch up on your sports, past time reading some blogs, or you can even share your personal video for the world to see.

The above uses of the internet are fairly harmless and those scenarios are probably what a high percentage of people online actually use it for. Well, there is a dark side to the internet and it is also used for things that are harmful and sometimes detrimental. So how do you protect yourself and your family from such potential dangers?

When to use a computer monitoring software review:

While there is no full proof way to completely safeguard yourself from the dangers of the internet, there is a way to control the environment in your household which may prevent a loved one from falling prey to the dangers out there.

Do you have children?

A good computer monitoring software program will monitor the websites that they go visit and can even send you call logs or screenshots of their activities. With this information you can appropriately confront your children about

Essential Internet Safety Tips

Internet safety tips are very important, since seldom a day goes by that a person does not use their computer. Many people and businesses will find themselves as victims of a crime online. Whether it be identity theft, false credit card charges, or other situations, it is vital to learn how to keep safe when dealing with the internet.

1. Secure The Computer

The best way to protect the computer from outside threats is to install antivirus software. This will guard against things that can harm the computer. Make sure that all email accounts contain a spam filter as well. It is also important to update the computer when ever possible. Many criminals enter through loopholes in the system. Updates fix any weaknesses that exist. When a person must choose a password to enter a network, use a strong word. If using a wireless network, make sure that there is encryption protection so that no one can oversee what is being done or take advantage of free service.

2. Securely Living Life Online

In today’s world, most people use social networking as their major avenue of communication. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook are the